All The Know- How of COVID-19 | Rumors and Facts

All you need to know about the new Coronavirus rumors and facts. COVID-19

All The Know- How of COVID-19 | Rumors and Facts
All The Know- How of COVID-19 - Rumors and Facts

COVID-19 Rumors and Facts

Hello Readers, 

I hope you all are staying home and avoiding all the human contact except for superheroes who work in the form of the Police department, Health, and hygiene department, Cleaners, Doctors and many more.

Local government have a responsibility to communicate and educate with the community during the times of crisis, without spreading misinformation or causing undue panic. Health, education and social services continuity; assess and respond to the immediate secondary impacts of the COVID-19 response.

These days we all rely a lot on different social media platforms too and hence be part of some grapevine. Rumors are an eternal part of such pandemics so here's a quick review of what are rumors and what are truths.

  • Do your part with three simple things to stop the spread of misinformation.
  1. Don't believe on rumors
  2. Don't let them run
  3. To get the fats about the federal(COVID-19) response go to reliable sources of information



Rumor Number1:

In the early days of this outbreak, there was a meme forwarded in almost all groups stating that coronavirus patients are turning into zombies but rest assured none of the human beings are turning into that sleazy monsters. so definitely a rumor!!!

Rumor Number 2:

Using blow dryers can destroy maximum viruses which apparently doesn't even have any logic but still, as a matter of truth, this is 100% a Rumor.

Rumor Number 3:

Indians are safe from coronavirus outbreaks as the climate in India probably kills them because of high temperatures. Now here's a matter of fact viruses treats your body as host hence they get adapted quite easily compared to what we believe. So another product from coronavirus rumor mill. 

Rumor Number 4:

Now comes a bit more intellectual rumors. We all know about future forecasts and the evidence stating that coronavirus outbreak was already foretold. This one adds a bit more as it includes Bill Gates. According to rumor Bill Gates already predicted about this pandemic in the year 2015, which obviously is a lie.

Rumor Number 5: 

Twitter always seems to be source of social grapevine. One of the posts by an unknown user said that India is going to declare a national emergency during this outbreak and hence store veggies, rations, medicines, and cash. Such tweets not only create havoc but leads to panic buying so avoid them in all cases. 

Rumor Number 6:

Then came all the logic behind Janta Curfew. Clapping at 5 PM will scare those viruses away. People!! Viruses aren't the one with active brains so please use your brain in finding what is rumor and what is the fact. The most illogical of them all was that viruses can live 12 hours hence, curfew was of 14 hours so that viruses will get killed from all the places it was present. The scientific study states that the maximum spread is through social contact and we did find posts of people dancing on streets when the clock struck 5. so do enlighten us!! was the curfew of any use?

Rumor Number 7

Drink alcohol to stop coronavirus from effecting your body. Now that is just "Giving reign to mad king" proved right. Yes, alcohol is effective but apply it on your hands.



Covid-19 coronavirus facts and rumors

Fact Number 1:

The disease causes a respiratory illness with symptoms like Cough, Fever and some times difficulty in breathing

Fact Number 2: 

Sanitizers and Alcohol rubs are an effective way of killing virus but alcohol rubs are still advised in comparison to sanitizers. 

Fact Number 3:

Wear masks all the time as the probability of virus entering your system increases in the case of Nose and Mouth though there were many cases wherein it entered through eyes and Nose. Better wear masks all the time and restrict touching yourself when out in public.

Fact Number 4:

Social distancing is beneficial in breaking the chain. 

Fact Number 5: 

This disease spreads primarily through contact with infected person and there are many cases wherein symptoms in patients are seen on the 12th day of getting infected. So any healthy person now can be in an isolated chamber on the 12th day. 

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It is accepted that our generation can hardly stay away from smartphones especially during Quarantine but that doesn't mean spreading the rumor mill while you all are cozily scrolling in your beds and homes. Smartphone itself says to use it smartly and it's high time now that we bring out productivity out of this isolation. Which doesn't at all mean going out or crossing 'Laxman Rekha' of your home. We all have an  efficient team of Doctors and other medical staff curing the cases now it's our responsibility to not add on more.


Turn to trusted sources, like the World Health Organization, your national health ministry or local government's official websites, for the latest information and guidelines.


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