Unrest in India: A matter of concern or just a political game plan?

Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 was passed by parliament on 11th December 2019, this act created a whirlwind of protests across the country are these protests justifiable?

Unrest in India: A matter of concern or just a political game plan?
Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 was passed by parliament on 11th December 2019
Unrest in India: A matter of concern or just a political game plan?

Indian politics have always been considered soap operas for decades but it took a sharp turn since the year 2014 wherein the current government is facing challenges when it comes to citizens of India. People in India are used to blindly follow the crowd and as we are well aware of the fact that a crowd never has a face nor head to think and analyze situations on hand. "Godhra kand" in 2002 is one of the many examples of crowd's brutality.

Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 also known as CAA has been in discussion for past 6 days wherein India has seen evil faces of protestors over a bill. Is this bill Anti Nation?

Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, CAB

As the name suggests this bill provides illegal migrants as Indian citizens. This bill covers 6 communities namely Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and Zoroastrian communities who have come from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh till December 31, 2014, and facing religious persecution there will not be treated as illegal immigrants but given Indian citizenship. Also, it reduces the duration of residency from 11 years to 5 years for the communities mentioned above. The act impacts 7 northeastern states.

If this Act is legalizing illegal immigrants than why is it facing chaotic protests? Bill nowhere mentions Muslims as all of the three countries are Islamic states but they have been assured that their cases will be considered. Also, If these migrants will be given citizenship than they have the right to settle anywhere in India this triggered the protests as many of the states are not ready to accept them. These states are prominently having Trinmul congress, congress, etc, as existing state governments. Opposers have claimed that this law violates Article 14. 

But, on reading the whole Act it nowhere mentions that its impact will be on students or Colleges or universities. In fact, this law is all about giving citizenship and not snatching it away from any citizen. Every year many people migrate from one state to another because of numerous different reasons how will these migrants be any different? and Why is there migrating creating havoc in the whole nation? Instead of regularly attending lectures and preparing for upcoming examination students of deemed universities are seen stone pelting on the police force. It's the very same force which protects you and listens to your complaints when you lose your motor vehicles over a stupid reason or when a girl is being harassed by goons, or when a family receives threats over land issues. They provide you protection and this is how you repay it? Ahmedabad had no connection with this bill and still we have seen videos wherein mob brutally harrases  a policeman. Do you all even deserve to be called citizens of India? Just because one of the influencers is against the bill we find many getting influenced. Haven't you all being gifted by a tissue called  brain? Why this unrest? We as citizens of India handled Ram Mandir's case with such a calmness and integrity why not this?

Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, cab

Many are misguided and many influenced. Yet, there will be few who will be creating chaos. Famous Politicians are promoting these protests by terming it as right to expression. Basically according to them 80 crores of damage to public transport is way of expression right? In fact, stone pelters are helping in achieving their Fundamental right!!! 

My question is to all the readers is this protest justifiable? Does harming any human being or damaging public assets a right to expression? Should these activities be promoted?