Is The Air Force A New Battlefield?

The Indian air strikes on terrorist training facilities in Balakot, Pakistan’s Khyberpaktunkhwa province were conducted in the early hours of 26 February. The attacks carried out by the Indian Air Force, pilots had dropped five Spice 2000 bombs out of which four penetrated the rooftops of the building in which the terrorists were sleeping.

Is The Air Force A New Battlefield?
Operation Bandar (2019) An airstrike carried out by IAF

Over past few months Air Forces of different countries has shown promising changes. Let's take a look on current headlines concerning Air Forces.

'Operation Bandar' was IAF's code name for Balakot airstrike. Operation Bandar (2019) An airstrike carried out by IAF in response to the pulwama terror attack on 14 February 2019 by a suicide bomber, killing 40 Indian soldiers. The terror base of Jaish-e-mohammaed in Balakot was destroyed by 12 Dassault Mirage 2000 carrying 1000 kg payload as claimed by India.

mirage 2000 balakot

Do we know that different air forces namely USAF,  IAF,  RAF (Royal Air Force),  Israeli Air Force etc. Take part in various competitions and events show casing strength of each force and meanwhile determining preparation of each individual country if a war broke out.  Operation Bandar was merely a tickling bomb over various show cases one such was held between USAF and IAF ( Israeli Air force). According to the Times of Israel, Israeli air force gave a tough time during defensive missions to protect blue forces and installations. 

balakot air strike

Twelve F-15Es assigned to 494th fighter Squadron from Royal Air Force, England recently completed biannual training in Israel in support of exercise Juniper Falcon. As told by Tech. Sgt. Matthew Plew, 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs, in the article U.S.Forces complete Juniper Falcon 17-2 the Strike Eagles flew missions with the Israeli Air Force accomplishing training on Defense Counter Air (DCA), Interdiction, Large Force Exercise (LFE), and Electronic Warfare (EW) range work.

This was just a simple comparison among two strong forces this defensive missions shows real power and the strength of countries are being judged on basis of such show cases. 

So,  maybe the era of Arm strength is long gone its time to face this modern world with our highly technical armed forces.