Spring Analogy

Spring Analogy


Disclaimer:  This is not addressed to men, this is spoken to men and women, equally. And try not to stop after reading just the first line, read till the end and then, needless to say but you are free to make your mind!


Patriarchy marked society- a so-called one- is what we are all living in right now, who has accepted the conditioning of suppressing women for thousands of year, if not by you, your parents and their parents and so on but now our society as a whole is growing into something better, something more understanding, just because of you not blindly following or reacting but taking a moment out and understanding; and is unchaining the shackles of bounds and prejudices and restrictions which is undoubtedly a step towards the greater good. 


"Men not holding grudges over society-entitled privileges of being men in the form of rights and women not accepting society-gifted slavery in the form of responsibilities."


However, with every false blame of rape from a girl, every exaggerated version of the story from a girl brings back that conditioning, years of which you've seen in a family, read in books, comes back in a lightning speed, shutting all those windows of understanding, that path for faint rays of hope closes in a flash of second, rooting for conventional not-so-true belief a little deeper; and this time with an eye witnessed scene that could justify those beliefs from your own end not of one built in words by our ancestors or in actions by your parents and neighbors. I'm not here to counter you and start a countdown of things guys have done wrongly to balance this not-balance-able sheet, I'm here to talk about something that's above this eye for eye mentality, I'm trying to make you see with both eyes something that's so obvious that it has been slipped away by many, until now.


Do you know about spring analogy, the more load you put on spring, the more you press it, the harder it will sprung, pushing the load back with the force fiercer than before. Imagine being a women, being told everything and anything from everyone and anyone, now and then, always and forever; now try to quantify this frustration, irritation, anger, anguish and everything as the load on a spring. There after, imagine this load being moved a bit by bit, loosening the choking, lessening the suffocation; now can you imagine the spring might actually flew away left or right and jump straight into the air?! Women do misunderstand, makes mistake and what not; everything of which might not even be justifiable but you or I can't deny the force that preceded, the force that pushed it till here. My concern is with the people who has for the longest unquestionably accepted the systematic well framed anti-women patriarchal way of society is now here, wide awake from long sleep, questioning the flaws in newly blooming under-construction definition of feminism, a positive one! I'm glad with your new awakening but let's clear the haze in-front of our eyes, recall the reality and start seeing things as it is at this very moment of time -volatile and vulnerable.


Well, I won't say that I'm not a feminist, but surely not a kind of feminist who want equity, I just want fair and square equality. I'm not interested in making things easier for women or tougher for men, making presumption about men not women, judging men not women, punishing men not women. I'm into educating women as well as men, giving opportunities to women as well as men -whosoever deserves it. I support people having own opinion be it women or men, freedom of choices be it men or women. And just to add, having all these for women as well, without men's permission just as men has always been having without women's permission. Because understand how unbiased equality works, how hard to understand it could be to have same starting and end point of the race with same rules for both the genders?!


Yet again, I won't say that I'm not a feminist, but surely not a kind of feminist who want equity, I just want fair and square equality.