Whatsapp in 2019 : Several Rich Features Added

WhatsApp Update 2019: Rich Features Added This Year

Whatsapp in 2019 : Several Rich Features Added
Ridiculously popular WhatsApp messaging app in 2019

Since the 2009 launch, WhatsApp has become the world's most popular application for text messaging, voice messaging, audio and video calls over Wi-Fi or data. WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, now has over 1 billion users worldwide and is the biggest online messenger app on the market and constantly keeps updating its software to include new features in order to provide smooth messaging and call experience to its users.
Here's a list of all the latest features WhatsApp added in 2019


Biometric Authentication
WhatsApp enabled this setting for iOS back in February this year. In October, WhatsApp announced the launch of biometric authentication through fingerprint or a FaceID sensors on the Android platform, as an additional privacy measure.
Here’s how you can enable it: For Android
Open WhatsApp.
Go to Settings>Account>Privacy>Fingerprint lock.
Turn on Unlock with Fingerprint toggle.


Improved Group Privacy Settings
WhatsApp has introduced a new privacy setting and invite system to help you decide who can add you to groups. The new group privacy setting allows users to select who can add them to groups and also, group admins control what information is being shared on their group. Users have the option to select between ‘Everyone’, ‘My Contacts’ and ‘My Contacts Except’.

Audio Picker
The feature is available as a part of WhatsApp Beta for Android and it is now available for all Android beta users to use.  WhatsApp has recently enabled the new audio picker with the possibility to play the audio before sending it and to select more audio files to send. Previously, users were only allowed to send one audio file at a time on a WhatsApp chat thread but now, you can send 30 audio files at once. These features are yet to be implemented in the stable version.


Consecutive Voice Messages
WhatsApp has been rolling out several updates on iOS and Android platforms. The feature allows WhatsApp to automatically play multiple voice messages in a row. The feature is now available to all the WhatsApp users who are using the latest beta version of the company's Android app i.e. WhatsApp Beta for Android version 2.19.154.


Private Reply
The feature is called ‘Reply privately’ and allows people to reply privately to a message received in a WhatsApp group, saving the time and trouble of continually starting new conversations. “When you tap reply privately, WhatsApp will automatically open the private chat with the contact,” stated the report.

Share WhatsApp Status To Facebook
This feature is similar to the option to share Instagram stories to Facebook. Now, WhatsApp has joined the duo with the same feature where you can share your status updates directly to Facebook Stories.


Opi Stickers
WhatsApp an instant messaging app as rolled out with a new pack of most amazing stickers for both Android and iPhone users from the pack the most popular sticker which you would like is Opi stickers.
The new sticker pack dubbed as  ‘Opi’ is available to all the App users across the Android and iOS platforms. If you aren’t sure how you can get access to the new sticker pack on your smartphone, just follow these simple steps:
How to download WhatsApp Sticker pack
Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and then open any individual (or group chat).
Tap on the stickers option on the left corner of your typing space. (You will now see a menu where you can pick between GIFs and Stickers. Tap on the sticker icon.).
Now tap on the plus icon on the right corner of the menu. You will see all the stickers available to you.
On the top, you will see the new Opi sticker pack.
Tap on the download icon next to it and you are good to go.