The Royal Connection: Queen Elizabeth II's Love for Cows

Learn about Queen Elizabeth II's passion for cows, her personal herd at Windsor Castle and her advocacy for the preservation of rare and endangered breeds.

The Royal Connection: Queen Elizabeth II's Love for Cows
The Royal Connection: Queen Elizabeth II's Love for Cows

The Royal Connection: Queen Elizabeth II's Love for Cows

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, is known for her love of animals. Her Majesty's passion for nature and wildlife has been evident throughout her life, and she has shown a particular affection for one animal in particular: cows. The Queen has a deep appreciation for the countryside and its farming traditions, and her love for cows has been expressed in various ways over the years.

Growing Up with Cows

Queen Elizabeth II spent much of her childhood in the English countryside, surrounded by animals and nature. Her father, King George VI, was a keen farmer and often took his family to visit farms and rural estates. It was during these visits that Queen Elizabeth II first developed her love for cows. As a young girl, she was fascinated by the animals and would spend hours watching them graze and interact with each other.

Cows at the Royal Farms

Queen Elizabeth II has continued her love for cows throughout her reign as the Queen of England. She is known for keeping her own herd of cows at the royal farms, which are used to produce milk and cream for the royal household. The Queen takes a keen interest in the care and well-being of her cows, and is often seen walking among them and talking to her herdsmen about their health and welfare.

The Queen's Favorite Cow Breeds

The Queen has a particular affection for certain breeds of cows. Her Majesty is known to favor the Guernsey and Jersey breeds, which are small and docile cows that produce high-quality milk. In addition to these breeds, the Queen has also shown an interest in rare and endangered breeds of cows, and has helped to promote their conservation through her support of various farming initiatives.

Honoring Cows in Art and Literature

Queen Elizabeth II's love for cows has also been expressed through art and literature. The Queen is an avid collector of paintings and sculptures featuring cows, and has been known to commission works of art featuring her own cows. In addition to her personal collection, the Queen has also supported the publication of books and other literature about cows and farming traditions.

The Queen's Connection to Dairy Farming

The Queen's love for cows is not just a personal passion; it also reflects her long-standing connection to the British dairy industry. The royal farms have a long history of dairy farming, and the Queen's herd of cows is an important part of this tradition. In addition to producing milk and cream for the royal household, the cows at the royal farms also participate in dairy shows and competitions, helping to promote the British dairy industry to a wider audience.

Animal Welfare and Farming Traditions

Queen Elizabeth II's affection for cows is a testament to her deep connection to the countryside and its farming traditions. The Queen's love for cows goes beyond their aesthetic appeal and into their practical importance to the British economy and society as a whole. The Queen's interest in animal welfare and conservation also reflects her concern for the environment and the role that farming plays in protecting it.


Queen Elizabeth II's love for cows is a reminder of the vital role that farming and animal welfare play in our society. Her Majesty's passion for cows and the British countryside has been expressed throughout her life, from her childhood visits to farms to her care for her own herd at the royal farms. The Queen's affinity for cows is a reflection of her deep connection to nature and her desire to promote the British dairy industry and farming traditions.